Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have to vote Tuesday

Does anyone want to enlighten me as to whether I should vote for Clinton or Obama?


Melanie said...

Clinton is old and wily, Obama is young and enthusiastic. Apart from that, I dunno if there's all that much difference between them.

Me, I like Clinton. I WANT an experienced politico in the White House in 2009, because there's gonna be one helluva mess to clean up.

Craig said...

I think Obama is stronger on gay rights.

I much prefer Obama. Clinton's definition of a truthful answer is "whichever answer is more convenient at the time."

Gregg P. said...

100% Obama. Clinton is loathsome.

Uncle Robbie said...

Personally, I don't see how voting for a man is voting for change. Obama has been very vague in his courting of people, but his underlying message is, "I'll leave that to the experts." Well, we've had a figurehead for eight bloody years (and I mean *bloody*) and look where we are now.
I'm not saying Clinton doesn't have her faults. She has more than enough, but at least we know what they are. Besides, she also brings a very big bonus with her, and that's Bill. Say what you will, I adore that man.

SportsBastardBoy said...

In the end I voted for Hillary.

Craig said...

Robbie, it might be said with equal validity, "I don't see how voting for yet another white person is voting for change."

Bill forever lost my support when he signed the Defense of Marriage Act.

In the end, though, I'll vote for anyone over McCain.

Uncle Robbie said...

I've wanted a woman for president since I was a child. Better Hillary now than Condie later.

Bill signed the DMA because he knew it was unconstitutional and would require a legal challenge to end it once and for all.

Re: McCain - True dat!