Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday's Pretty Picture

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Craig said...

GORgeous! That's the kind of pretty picture I like to see!

Uncle Robbie said...

i'm glad you like it, darling, but as I may have mentioned, anyone can post their own pretty pictures. I'm just posting those that catch my eyes (which tend to track the prurient).

There's a wonderful article, by the way, about Joan Crawford in the new issue of Vanity Fair. A rebutall, of sorts, regarding a certain book I won't dignify by naming. Glitter Queen probably knows all the dirt already (by the look of his fingernails), but I found it a great read.

Glitter Queen said...

Read the article. The biggest surprise was that "Mommie, Dearest" was written before Joan died, and Joan knew about it. Christina Crawford always gives the impression that Joan's leaving her out of the will was a big surprise because they were actually rather close at the time of her death. Instead, it would appear our Joan left her out of the will knowing she'd get more than enough money out of trashing her mother's name.

However, one needs to balance some of this by pointing out that there were also people who witnessed her mistreatment of the two older children. If you want a really interesting take on La Crawford, read the references to her in Esther Williams' memoirs.

Uncle Robbie said...

Oh, I don't for a minute believe the "St. Joan" version, either. Somewhere between the two, posibly with a gently swiging pendulum, is reality. Ms. Crawford was quite adept at casting herself in the role of victim. One need only read the various accounts of the feud with Bette Davis and their mutual antics during the filming of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane to doubt her claimed innocence. Hell, just looking into her eyes shows that she knew how to play games.