Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A moment of pimpage, if you don't mind

For all you SF/Fantasy fans out there (and yes, I know you're there -- I can hear you breathing heavily over the kissing scene from Torchwood's second season opener) I've decided to run an experiment and have some of my electronically printed short fiction available for purchase from Their contract is reasonable, they have a damn good selection of short fiction from all genres (not just SF/Fantasy/Horror), and hey, I may actually make some money on the pieces, which is always good.

So if you've ever wanted "Bartok and the Unicorn", "That Time of the Month" or "The Padre, the Rabbi and the Devil His Own Self" in printed format, you now know where to go.

No, don't thank me -- I'm the giving kind, you know.

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Uncle Robbie said...

So, true, darling. You've been so giving, in fact, that you've earned yourself quite a reuptation (and more than a few nicknames). There's even a musical being written by Patrick and the Glitter Queen (sounds like an After School Special, doesn't it?). Rumor has it the show will be backed by Helen Lawson, a singular selfless act (all she's asked for in return is to be considered for an as yet unnamed role). I'm practically swooning in anticipation!