Saturday, February 9, 2008

Survivor: Fans vs. Faves

So, I finally caught up with the latest Survivor's premiere, and I wanted some feedback:

Who has the hottest body? James? Jason? Matthew McConnaughey (I had to watch an ad for "Fools Gold" at every commercial break).

Who's cutest?

Are we really supposed to believe that Kathy's never had a gay friend or seen implants before when she looks that much like a transexual?

Which fave are you in the biggest hurry to say godbye to?

Which fan stands the best chanced of outwitting, outplaying and whatever else it is that they have to be out about?


Craig said...

Fairplay's loss was a shocker. I was sure it was part of his game, but if it was (and it backfired on him), he didn't seem the least bit surprised. I'm thrilled to see him go, though.

James snogging Parvati is icky. I still want him to win (well, him or Yau Man), but first I want him to smother Parvati in her sleep.

Ozzy was cuter before he cut his hair.

Cirie is still clueless.

Joel is nice to look at, but I doubt he can think his way out of a coconut.

I like Jonathan, but not for any justifiable reason.

It's not that Kathy's never had a gay friend. She's never even met a ho-mo-seck-chew-al.

Among the fans, I think Jason might have the stuff to take it to the final three.

Glitter Queen said...

Did you see Jonathan in his acting days? He did a lot of nudity. He was also a rather charming performer.

Kathy said she might have known a gay man in her bartending days. And I still think she used to be a he.

Craig said...

The only thing I saw Jonathan in was his series with Sherilyn Fenn and the wonderful Lynn Redgrave on Showtime, Rude Awakening. I only remember one or two nude scenes in that one.