Friday, August 15, 2008

New Meds n' Playlists Darlings

So anyhoo, darlings, I started my new meds today - stronger, higher, faster, that's my motto!

(pats wig with Olympian elan)

Oh but I've been dizzy, darling - right off my feet. They said to expect it, but I always assume they lie, so it came as a surprise to me.

(smiles in that good surprised way I have sometimes - sort of like Doris Day in the opening of her rotten tv show 40 years ago, only drunker and about a zillion times less *tanned*)

In any event, I've staggered to my computer here - you know how I am - I can't let my public go unaccosted for too many days in a row - and I've been listening to music. Oh just soothing old things - just junk and fabulous relics - all the best things everybody hates, but secretly loves. And here's what I've got on repeat on mediaplay as we speak, sweeties:

1. Bound By The Beauty - Jane Sibbery (I met her once in a disco in Fredericton - she was utterly artistic and dismissive - just how I hoped and dreamed)
2. My Heart Goes Bang - Dead Or Alive (the original single length version - the extended version would kill me in my present state - get me to the doctor, indeed)
3. Indian Summer - Dream Academy (oh I love this song, darlings - it takes me back to Shediac in the 80's - the warm and safe, pre-debauched times of my mid-teens - it brings tears to my eyes)
4. Tell Me Lies - Fleetwood Mac (I always thought Christine McVie was their best pop writer - and Stevie and what's his name - well - it's just fabulous - and the song means things to me - memories of troubled but enthusiastic times)
5. Walls Come Tumbling Down - Style Council (well after the last two, the tempo has to pick up, darlings - and this song conveys just how I felt in my university days - of course I've jaded and tired, but it brings me back to those fabulous activist days)
6. Cool Places - Sparks & Jane Weidlin (of the Go-Go's, darlings - this was *the* song of my summer when I was 18 - legal age at the time - disco every bloody night - fabulous!)
7. Bad Reputation - Joan Jett (god, darlings - I just new this song was written for *me* the second I first heard it back in 1982 - rock on, Joan, darling)
8. Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent - Gwen Guthrie (LOL - when the money ran out at the end of first year university, this was my theme song - thank god for friends who kept me from just outright prostitution! Oh but I still managed to keep up the level of fun - I'm LCM after all. LOL!)
9. Never Tear Us Apart - INXS (sigh - the first song I ever waltzed to with someone I felt I was in love with and they loved me - it actually lasted 6 months and now I can't even remember his last name - isn't that typical. Tsk.)
10. Hazy Shade of Winter - Bangles (time, time, time - see what's become of me - I always thought this was a hell of a lot better than the Simon And Garfunkel original - but I wish they'd included the line about vodka and lime)

Anyway, Darlings - That's The LCM Soundtrack For August 15, 2008


E.(mily) said...

Doris Day's sunbaked look is so old it isn't even retro. You need to get one of those fabulous orange spay on tans today, get some vintage Gucci, some really huge gold hoops, and go anoaxic too.

I'm off to chant.

Taffy said...

Never tear us apart...Hazy shade of winter...Indian Summer...My God, we may be related!