Monday, August 11, 2008

RIP Isaac Hayes, Darlings

LCM: (sitting in corner booth, pouring cocktails) Oh darlings - come and sit with me - I just heard the news about poor Isaac Hayes, sweeties.

(patting wig, sighing heavily)

Oh I know, darlings, everybody says "Oh no, no more salty chocolate balls" or what have you, but to me he meant something very different.

(gazing off, remembering)

It was 1996, sweeties - I found a group on Usenet - alt.showbiz.gossip - and it was so wonderous - it was the most marvelous, awful, fabulous place I'd ever seen. And of course I fit right in. As did our beloved Princess who followed me by, I think, three months.

(smiling through tears)

Those early days were magical. What fun we had - laughing, bitching, being so awful and clever and free. I think for many of us it was like finding someplace that felt like "home" in a new and strange setting that none of us truly understood.

(sipping drink)

And early in my times there I adopted the Theme From Shaft as my anthem - the primitive disco beat - the (at the time) vague obscureness of it all - it fit my new persona as "LCM" so perfectly.

(patting wig)

And little did I know at the time of all his works - Isaac Hayes - he was a gifted individual - his work with Stax - his producing - his writing - his singing - he was very influential and many who came after him went on to much more lucrative times.

(nodding knowingly)

I hear he had some bad times. And I'm sorry for that. But he survived. Oh I hear he went to the strange fake religion, but I prefer not to focus on that. I'd rather just sit and listen to that one song that inspired me so many years ago.

(puts money in juke box)

And so...

(noticed he accidentally picked Brenda Lee first and she's not dead yet, so kicks juke box onto second pick, The Theme From Shaft)

And so...

(raises glass)'s to a talented man who inspired, darlings. I'll always remember.

Toasting To Talent

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