Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is George Michael this popular?

It seems that George Michael is planning his first tour of the U.S. and Canada in 17 years. He's more famous now for trolling for sex in men's rooms than having hit records, yet not only is he playing arenas (and not as an opening act for an artist that has actually had hits recently), but for one show that's already listed on Ticketmaster the price range is from $50 to $175! Are people really going to pay for this? Am I missing something?


Uncle Robbie said...

You gotta have faith.

Melanie said...

Actually, he's doing repeat performances on that new show starring Jonny Lee Miller, the one about the businessman who finds out he's a prophet (Eli Stone!), so maybe that's boosting his popularity.

Glitter Queen said...

The should would need ratings to do that, and it's been dying ever since the premiere. Only the writer's strike kept it on. "Lost" moves into that slot when it returns with the season's final episodes.