Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cap inventory

I bought a new cap rack to hold my baseball caps. "Rack" in this case meaning a cord with plastic clips. Anyway, since I went and put the caps up on the new rack, here's a list of the caps I own. The majority of them are from the local sports teams. A few from other teams were giveaways at games I attended (heaven knows I'd never buy a New York Yankees cap). The grand total is 31!


8 - Philadelphia Phillies
4 each - Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Eagles
1 each - New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres, Altoona Curve (a minor league baseball team; this was part of an exchange of items at the second Outsports Convention), the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Outsports.com

Sort of sports-related:

1 each - Hare Jordan/Air Jordan Nike (from when they had Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan in commercials together selling sneakers, which led to the movie Space Jam), PRISM (a now-defunct local cable channel that carried games featuring the Phila. teams)


1 each - Universal Studios, Terrible's Casino (where I stayed the last time I was in Vegas), Human Rights Campaign (I must have sent them a donation once), Bugs Bunny (without Michael Jordan), Wicked (bought it in Chicago during our Fabulous gathering), Defense Industrial Supply Center (I used to work there); and finally, a cap with"1962" with a blue star in between the 19 and the 62, the word "Vintage" above the numbers and the phrase "An American Classic" below them. I have no idea what, if any, product this might have been promoting. I bought it for a dollar or two at a Spencer Gifts shop that was going out of business. Why? Because I was born in 1962 and I am, naturally, an American Classic. Why else?


Glitter Queen said...

I have a lovely cap that doesn't fit from Vonage, the broadband phone company. The not fitting part seems oddly appropriate.

I still have lots of Turner stuff, but none of it really fits. Big head, lots of hair.

The one hat I wear regularly is knit cap with a logo for the movie "The Lot." Fortunately, I can roll up the edges so the logo doesn't show, and on the coldest days it keeps me healthy and almost happy.

Uncle Robbie said...

I'm of the PJ O'Rourke school when it comes to hats ("A man should take off his hat when he enters a room and leave it off for the rest of his life.") I don't wear baseball-type caps because they make me look like Mickey Rooney in "Bill." I do have a couple of watch-style fleece and knit caps (including one with horns) that I wear when it's too cold not to, and a small supply of "other" headwear (bell topper, fedora, fez, shemagh, beret, baku, etc.), that I've worn with costumes. When I'm gardening I wear a boonie hat to keep the cancer away, but that's about it.