Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well, this place is nice...

*Wanders in off the cold cruel streets*

I claim this blog for France *plants flag*

Oh...someone's already here... *squints*

Who's that looker over there in the corner booth sucking back the gin like there's no tomorrow?


Is that LCM, centre of the know universe and doyenne of all things fabulous?

No, wait, it's just a boozy tramp...oh...same thing, never mind.

Hello darling! *waves across the room*

I'm blowing you kisses! *kiss kiss*

*Gives wallet to the barman* Keep this in the safe for me, darling, she's got claws that can remove wallets from pockets faster than Britney beating a suicide watch!


LCM said...

LCM: (staring around blankly) Nice? Good lord, darling, you must work *and* live in a barn. (tossing head back and laughing in that good way he has) Ah-hahahahaha! (pouring Pat a drink) Here, darling - welcome to Forever Fabulous, The Blog. (patting wig) I'd offer a toast, but I don't want to. I'm too nervous, darling. (glancing around) There's something vaguely familiar about this place. Overly familiar, in fact. (sipping cocktail) Thank God I've got my nerve pills, sweetie. (plonking hockey kit bag on the table) I'm under a lot of stress - don't think I'm going to sit idly by and be stressed, darling - not while Dow Chemical exists. (gulping a few pills and washing them down with a smart cocktail) Now as I was about to s...

Passing Out,

Uncle Robbie said...

[Slowly slipping a handful of color from LCM's kit bag into the bouncer's pocket and looking down at the passed out supermodel] Toss this back into the gutter, won't you? Mumsey'll be along shortly to keep him company.
[Sliding into the booth next to Pat, offering hand] Breath mint?