Monday, January 28, 2008

Glad Tidings, Darlings!

LCM: (looking great) Hello, darlings - I'm back. (patting wig) I've been on my deathbed for a while - you know how it is - you live, you love, then it explodes in your face, you're down with the dose and soon the vast bitches are saying you've got deathbed sores all over.

(sips drink)

But I'm back. And I've got a really great new plan, sweeties. I'm getting a "li-bary" card! Tomorrow, I think. And yes, it's pronounced that way - I saw a documentary once.

Anyhoo - I need suggestions - I want all the most fabulous, awful, trashy books, I really do. I've been re-reading the Andy Warhold Diaries and it's just terrific. So I want more like that. Dishy, trampy, campy, ghost-written to fare-thee-well junk, and nothing but.

So help, LCM, darlings - give us some ideas. Hmmm?

Pouring Another Cocktail And Looking Super


Glitter Queen said...

Well, I don't know where everybody is, so I'll recommend "Behind the Scenes" by William Mann. It's a history of gay Hollywood focusing mostly on the less than usual suspects and has some fascinating stories of tinsel town shenanigans.

Uncle Robbie said...
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Uncle Robbie said...

GQ, sweetie, are any of your books gossipy and tantalizing? Are any of them li-berry fodder, or are they cluttering up the remainder bin at ?

LCM said...

Oh how fabulous, GQ - I'll add that to my list of maybe's. It's not a large library - you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting someone depressed-looking - so I'm going to take advantage of their online ordering dealy type thing. I want to get some books about Andy Warhol - he's just fascinating to me - I suppose because we superstars just do, somehow - so I'll be looking and seeing what all they have.

Patting Wig, Looking Fabulous