Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shuffle Game

One of my great passions is music. I love it, I can't imagine life without it. And I like seeing what others listen to. There's no better way of getting an idea of what other people listen to than by seeing the results of the Shuffle Game. It's easy to play. Launch iTunes or grab your mp3 player and in a list, list out the first ten songs that come up randomly. The most important rule is NO EDITING out the embarrassing songs that come up. That's half the fun.

Here's mine:

"High" by the Cure
"Hello In There" by Eddie Reader
"Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan" by Nena
"There You Go" by Pink
"Music" by Joss Stone
"Working My Way Back To You" by the Spinners
"Get Off Of My Cloud" by the Rolling Stones
"Letterbox" by They Might Be Giants
"Money Mile" by Alison Moyet
"Tear Stained Letter" by Johnny Cash

What's your list?


Martha Thomases said...

How Can a Poor Man Stand -- Bruce Springsteen
Buzzin' Fly -- Tim Buckley
Comfortably Numb -- Scissor Sisters
Adelaide -- Old 97s
Wild Honey -- U2
Can't Stop the Rain -- Washington Squares
Big Time -- John Oszajca
Where the Wild Horses Run -- Mike Younger
The Kindness of Strangers -- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
On My Way to Town -- Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Walt said...

I don't know why, but I didn't finger you as a Scissor Sisters fan. The rest of the list, yes, but Scissor Sisters. Love it!

You really do learn stuff about people this way.

Cheryl said...

Here's mine:

Brilliant Disguise - Bruce Springsteen
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Cooties - Aimee Allen
Serpentine - Earth Wind and Fire
All You Need is Love - Beatles
Gemini Dream - Moody Blues
I'll Be Doggone - Marvin Gaye
Alive and Kicking - Simple Minds
Tits on the Radio - Scissor Sisters
Save Me - k. d. lang

Walt said...

Ha! More Scissor Sisters! I love it!

Gregg P. said...

And mine ...

I Walked with a Zombie -- REM
All Shook Down -- Replacements
Video -- Aimee Mann
Scarlet Pussy -- Prince
Serenade No. 11 in Ef -- Mozart
What's Going Ahn -- Big Star
My Empty Room -- Queensryche
Maverick: A Love Story -- Austin Lounge Lizards
Exchange -- Massive Attack
Wind It Up - Barenaked Ladies

Full disclosure: I omitted results that were from comedy albums or were seasonsal (i.e. Xmas) -- aing thsoe into consideration would add Jane Monheit and Bill Hicks to this list as well.

Feeling under the weather, sweeties. I promise to post when the ravages of cedar fever have backed down a bit and I feel more human again.

LCM said...

LCM: Here we go, darlings! I'll put my first 10 as well:

1. Goodbye Cruel World - Shakespeare's Sister
2. Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
3. Bluer Than Blue - Michael Johnson
4. I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
5. Das Model - Kraftwerk
6. Careless Whisper - Wham
7. Mickey's Monkey - The Miracles
8. Don't Ask Me Why - The Eurythmics
9. You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry & The Pacemakers
10. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - Olivia Newton-John

Good lord, darlings - I'm easy listenin' central! LOL!

Patting Wig, Looking Fabulous

Glitter Queen said...

You would ask:

"In the Still of the Night"-The Neville Brothers
Theme from "Taxi Driver"
"Please, Don't Send Me Down a Baby Brother"-Kaye Ballard
"Mira, o Norma"-Beverly Sills
St. Cecilia Mass III. Credo-Georges Pretre
"Harlem on My Mind"-Mary Cleere Haran
"Squeeze Me"-Amelia McQueen
"Last Tango in Paris Suite: Part 13"-Gato Barbiere
"Yesterdays"-Ella Fitzgerald
"I Hear a Rhapsody"-Dinah Shore

Melanie said...

"Rhapsody in Blue" by Ira Gershwin
"Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" by Paula Cole
"Bootstrap's Bootstraps" by Klaus Badelt
"Pinch Me" by Barenaked Ladies
"Holding Out for a Hero" by Jennifer Saunders
"The House is Rockin'" by Stevie Ray Vaughn
"Primavera" by Santana
"Calm Like a Bomb" by Rage Against the Machine
"Fantasia on 'Greensleeves'" by Sinfonia of London
"Wishing It Was" by Santana

Craig said...

Mine seemed to pull up a lot of Creedence Clearwater Revival:

"Tombstone Shadow"
"Fortunate Son"
"Run through the Jungle"
"I Put a Spell on You"

But it also gave me

"St. Stephen" and "Dark Star" (Grateful Dead)

"Marian the Librarian" and "Lida Rose" (2000 Broadway revival of The Music Man with Craig Bierko)

"Harmony" and "Honor to the Hills" (shape-note music from the Northern Harmony Songbook by the Bayley Hazen Singers)

"Tango Para Catalina," by Astor Piazzola and Yo-Yo Ma

and a Howard Zinn lecture from "A People's History of the United States"

us said...

tangled up in blue - bob dylan
C'est Magnifique - Edith Piaf
Forever Young - Bob Dylan
Quand Les Jours Se Suivant - Route Manset
J'ai Encore Rêvé D'elle - Claude Barzotti
White Wedding - Billy Idol
One of Us Can Not Be Wrong - Leonard Cohen
Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen
Salve Regina - Monks Of The Abbey Of Notre Dame
Guerrera performed by men - Sufi Tariqa (nashqibandi, I think)
Ya Moustafa - Alabina


glad to be here Y for patg

LCM said...

Darling - to post a new post, click "show original post" - and then in the upper right hand of the screen, it should say "Post New Post" or something like that. Good lord, I went to my Facebook page today and I was just enraged - I've been dragged into every gimmick going - what the hell is a "fun" wall? Is it my regular wall? And if I get superpoked one more time, I'm opening a vein - and not my own. Honestly you just know it's some deraged 13 year old boy who sits all day dreaming these things up. It's rediculous in the extreme, darlings, it really is.

Stressed Because Of All That *And* My Car Died - *And* I'm A Single Mother Of Three Now - SOB!!!

SportsBastardBoy said...

Just to be difficult, here are my first 11:
Chase - Giorgio Moroder
Too Many Fish (Frankie's Classic Club Mix) - Frankie Knuckles feat. Adeva
Believe (Phat 'N' Phunky Club Mix) - Cher
Happy - Fischerspooner
Ain't No Greater Love - Gladys Knight & The Pips
Everything To Gain - Fischerspooner
Every Time I Get Up - Alexander O'Neal
Cowboys & Kisses - Anastacia
That's What Love Can Do - Boy Krazy
A Simple Game - The Four Tops
Women's Love Rights - Laura Lee

Pat Gaik said...

I don't play mine on shuffle, since I listen to a lot of audio books/plays, but here goes:

Blink Suite -- Murray Gold (Doctor Who Season 3)
Father's Day -- Murray Gold (Doctor Who Season 1&2)
Poor Thing -- Sweeney Todd OBC
The Ballad of Sweeney Todd -- Sweeney Todd OBC
Hypnotic Suggestion -- Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency CD 2
Lost in Emyn Muil -- Howard Shore (Two Towers Complete Recording)
All the Strange, Strange Creatures -- Murray Gold (Doctor Who Season 3)
Dwimorberg - The Haunted Mountain -- Howard Shore (Return of the King Complete Recording)
The Nazgul -- Howard Shore (Fellowship of the Ring Complete Recording)
The Face of Boe -- Murray Gold (Doctor Who Season 1&2)

Uncle Robbie said...

Blast you and your non-editing policies! This looks like the hold music on Hell's Customer Service line:

Cold Ethyl (Alice Cooper)
Be My Bitch (Thunderpussy Forever)
The Masochism Tango (Tom Lehrer)
O Mio Babbino Caro (Sissel)
Go Away - Agador Mix (Gloria Estefan)
I Can Cook, Too (Nancy Walker)
Pet Sematary (The Ramones)
E Susanna non vien_ ... Dove so (Kiri Te Kanawa)
The Skins (Scissor Sisters)
Trials and Truth: Prosecuting Human Rights Atrocities in the United States (Terry Lynn Karl, Stanford University)