Friday, January 18, 2008

LCM Update, Darlings

Hello, darlings - I'm sick. Sick with illness. (nodding knowingly) I'm too far gone even to pick a font - it's come to that, it really has.

(pausing turning to Frank)


(dizzy - pausing - looking)

Oh dear.

(handing Frank a tissue)

You might want to clean up there, sweetie - you're a bit of a mess.

Patting Wig, Looking Tragic But Glamorous


Uncle Robbie said...

You probably picked up something virulent from one of those pussies you hang out with. They're a sick bunch; you can see it in their eyes.

Glitter Queen said...

Well, I've been in all day. We were threatened with 1-3 inches of snow, so the city has shut down. I got a lot of work done, made a Jamaican beef stew and watched two episodes of Battlestar Gallactica. Now I'm watching Oded Fehr shoot the brownword out of zombies while I wait for the pill to kick in so I can get to sleep early and get up at 6 to sing for Jesus, assuming everything doesn't freeze up again and shut us down for another day.

Heigh-ho, the glamorous life!

Uncle Robbie said...

Pumpkin, if you don't stop serenading my poolboy every Sunday morning I'm going to set the dogs on you. The least you can do is wait until noon. (I'm usually done with him by then anyway.)

Glitter Queen said...

You know, if he'd come through with that water-into-wine thing you wouldn't even be ready for him until well past sundown.