Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time for another iPod Shuffle!

Today's first ten:

Cancer - Joe Jackson
Sour Times - Portishead
They're Red Hot - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Made For Lovin' You - Anastacia
Keep Tomorrow Hanging - The Supremes/Stereophonics (mashup)
Nicety - Michel'le
You Choose - Pet Shop Boys
Never Knew Love - Rick Astley
Somewhere Out There - Linda Ronstadt/James Ingram
Love Is Blind - Annie Lennox


Gregg P. said...

Ah, SBB, you wound me! My iPod was stolen from my car in the dead of night, so I am unable to do an iPod shuffle. Sigh!

Glitter Queen said...

You Can Count on Me-Cleo Laine
Got a Bran' New Suit-Eleanor Powell
Hey Now Everybody-They Might Be Giants
Rent-Liza Minnelli (Thanks, Gregg)
Last Tango in Paris Suite: Part 10-Gato Barbieri
Welcome to My Party-Toni Collette
Night and Day-Anita O'Day
Down in the Depths (on the Ninetieth Floor)-Lisa Stansfield
Poems of Love and the Rain: Interlude-Ned Rorem
Stairway to Paradise-Georges Guetary

SportsBastardBoy said...

Gregg, that's terrible! Just do one in your head, then. ;-)

Uncle Robbie said...

Hey, GQ - have you heard Liza's "Twist in my Sobriety"? It's terrible and I love it to pieces!

Gregg, why don't you do an iTunes shuffle instead, hm?

Uncle Robbie said...

We went out for Indian (dots, not feathers) food to celebrate our anniversary (15th) on the way home from work tonight. Now that DH is fast asleep in front of the TV, here's my list:

Creepy Doll (Jonathan Coulton)
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Sting)
La Vie Boheme (Rent Original Broadway Cast
The Masochism Tango (Tom Lehrer)
You're Just In Love (Ethel Merman & Donald O'Connor)
Pet Sematary (The Ramones)
Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler)
Dirty Rotten Number (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Original Broadway Cast)
Sing For Your Supper (Mel Torme)
7 (Prince)

Glitter Queen said...

I love "Sing For Your Supper" and have never held Mel Torme do it.

And yes, I downloaded the entire Liza disco album and put it into iTunes. "Love Pains" is the one in my iPod, and I just added "Twist in My Sobriety."

And I just remembered I have two new CDs to put into iTunes: the original recording of "Ballad of Baby Doe" with Beverly Sills and the recent revival of "Pacific Overtures" with B.D. Wong.

Uncle Robbie said...

I love Tormé's version of "Sing for your Supper." Very peppy and really shows off the fluidity of his voice.

As for Liza, what can I say? Have you heard her "Some People" from Gypsy? I got it from iTunes, then later saw the video on YouTube. Delicious.

I have <50 CDs to add to iTunes, so I'll be done this weekend. Just added "The Wall Live in Berlin" this morning before work. It was a little frustrating because, as with many 2 disc sets with multiple artists, disc 1 had all of the artist information listed and was marked as a compilation, but disc 2 listed only Roger Waters and was not marked as a compilation. We were not amused, but fixed it nonetheless. (We were amused when the database couldn't tell the difference between the Sugar Ray disc I'd put in and the US Marine Band CD it thought I'd put in.)

E.(mily) said...

Okay, I'll play your silly game:

For Once in My Life-Tony Bennett

With a Little Help from My Friends-The Beatles

Alma de Acero-Lola Beltran

La Muerta-Francisco Avitia

What's Going On-Marvin Gaye

The Sad Cafe-Lorrie Morgan

Back Street Affair-John Prine

Over the Rainbow-Ella Fitzgerald

These Foolish Things-Etta James

Positive Vibrations-Bob Marley and the Wailers

Walt said...

I'm uploading my last cd as we speak. My whole collection will be represented now. That being said, here's mine:

"99 Luftballons" - Nena
"Growing Up" - Peter Gabriel
"Who Will You Run To" Heart
"Good Combination" - Sonny & Cher
"I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song" - Clint Black
"Promises" - The Cranberries
"Friday I'm In Love" - Dryden Mitchell
"Sound-A-Sleep" - Blondie
"Lights" - The Scissor Sisters
"What We Really Want" - Rosanne Cash

Uncle Robbie said...

I finally finished mine today, too, Waltie. Such a sense of accomplishment! Now I need more albums. (Have to break 1000.)