Saturday, January 12, 2008

Before I was so RUDELY interrupted...

*Glares as SportsBastardBoy*

I was going to tell you that our new show, ALONE TOGETHER, is a smash hit (at least until the reviews come out). No, seriously, the 2 audiences we've had so far have loved this comic tale of boomerang children come home to haunt their poor parents.

I'm playing a straight, 30-year-old mathematical genius who's left M.I.T. because....


*Wipes mojito from his face that Melanie just spat at him*

What, darling? Do you think that's a stretch for me? Which part? Straight? 30? Math genius from M.I.T.?

*blank look*

What do you mean 'all of them'?

I'm an actor - I'm totally convincing!

Yes, I know most of our audience are well into the glaucoma and cataract else could I be so convincing?

Well, really!

*Flounces off to the theatah*


Melanie said...

A stretch? No, pumpkin -- that would be a healthy sort of disbelief. This is more along the lines of a gigantic rip in the fabric of space-time through which alternate universes where Gore won the election and we're all driving hybrids tumble through, it's so humongous.

Glitter Queen said...

Pat, darling, what about touring (or is that turing) in a musical version of Breaking the Code?

LCM said...

LCM: (concerned, dashing in) Oh poor Patrick! (patting Pat's hand) Pat, pat, Pat. (smiling blankly and patting once more) Pat. (turning to GQ and Mel) You two are far too awful - and I only ever say that when I'm just utterly concerned. (waving at Pat) I mean, god, darlings - as if nature hasn't been cruel enough, now *this*? Hmmm? (waving at him again) I mean, he's not getting any younger - and he's clearly on the verge of just letting himself go completely - I mean, the hair - the clothes - the vacant look of a soul crushed by life and love and possibly an errant Rose Bowl Parade float, judging by, well, just everything. (glaring) BE NICE! (turning to Pat, who is nearly crying) Tsk. Pat, pat, Pat..(nodding with deep feeling) pat, pat.


Melanie said...

wipes Diet Cherry Coke Zero from laptop screen

Oh, well -- I needed to clear out my sinuses anyway.

Uncle Robbie said...

"Diet Cherry Coke Zero"? Really, Mellie, why would you want to drink carbonated cough syrup?

Melanie said...

I can't drink unleaded stuff anymore, and I adore Diet Cherry Coke Zero (it does NOT taste like carbonated cough syrup), Diet Coke Zero and Diet Coke with Lime. So sue me.

Uncle Robbie said...

Okee dokee.

[speed dialing]

Fierce One? Whip up a #12 on Melanie, won't you? She's asking for it. Thank you, darling, see you soon. Hm? Yes, I'll tell her.

[clicking "end"]

Cheryl sends her love, Mellie, and says she'll see you in court.

Nothing personal, you understand, but we're putting a glass dome on the roof of Fabaret! and construction costs are through the roof!

Melanie said...

The Fierce One won't sue me -- we have hoo-hoos in common, you know.

Uncle Robbie said...

I didn't know you'd been conjoined twins, darling. You should sue the surgeon; he left a hideous scar.